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Postby Oscar » Sat Oct 03, 2020 10:49 am

What is your experience building an rc model with
*The pumps in the hull. Are they necessary, really god to have?
*The openable front hatch in the hull. I want as much details as possible but are want at the same time a practical boat working in the water.

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Re: Pumps

Postby admin » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:03 pm


The pumps were not practical, that was a bit of my obsessive DIY... :) I ended up having passive cooling by inserting aluminum tubes into the water jet instead. There were basically two problems with the pumps, one was the actual pump itself that water got into the motor, that the impeller touched the house and practically welded itself to it. But it was also the fact that the inlet was so small that the surface tension was enough to stop the water flow. The pump was spinning in a bubble of air and wasn't powerful enough to brake the surface tension.
So this is why I (after many atempts) scrapped that idea.

The openable front hatch is actually something I modeled on request after I had printed mine so I have never tested them myself. There is for sure the risk of water intrusion when doing a crash stop if you have that layout, but you could blue in a water tight bulkhead so that if some water gets into the model it isn't a big issue, you can just pore it out when you pick up the model. If I were you I would go for them, because if you get too annoyed with leakages you can just glue them shut later, and they will still provide more details to the hull even if they are not openable any longer.

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