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This is the building forum for the Combat Boat 90. If you are interested in the STL's for this project, they are available to those who help me by contributing 15 Euro. Then you get access to a sub-forum where STL's, instructions and mods are located.
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Re: Olles CB90

Postby admin » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:17 pm

My hull was water tight right after printing. I sealed any leftover gaps in the glue joints with epoxy as I put a thin strip of carbon fiber cloth over the seam to reinforce it. If you get leaks through the hull I would suggest coating the hull with a couple of layers of primer and then a couple of layrs of paint. That will seal the hull good. I did this on my Nordhavn 52 scale model as that one has a hull with infill and I didn't want to risk any water coming into the infill structure, so even though that hull has the right color after print I painted it anyway to make sure it's 100% water tight. But on my CB90 it worked without paint. A tip to make printed parts more solid is to increase the extrusion, I set mine to 1,1 so basically a 10% increased material flow and that makes the parts very solid (on the Prusa printers at least).

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