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Re: Modified remote - single board

Postby sidneylopsides » Fri May 22, 2020 10:26 pm

That looks awesome! I'd like to do some larger stuff but I've only got an Ender with a 15x15x20 print volume. I'm looking at ways to split prints neatly. Hide joins, but also make them strong for chassis parts.

The controller idea sounds great, it's getting close to DCC! I was looking at a rotary encoder for the code I put up today, but it added extra complexity and I wanted to get it running. It does lens itself well to setting a speed if you have momentum programmed in, and you can have click for emergency stop.
I've decided for now I'll do a dedicated controller, colour matched, for each engine. Both boys can play easily then. The new issue to overcome is power control. Probably just need a switch between battery and TTGO, but I'd like to find a software solution where it wakes on a press, probably reset, and sleeps on idle or maybe a dedicated power off button. You can't charge it when the battery is physically disconnected!

For the switches, you can have a rubber band or spring on the spreader bar, placed either side of a locator pin on the actuator bar below it. Probably some trial to get the tension right, but you could keep it fairly slack and have the actuator move further than the spreader bar needs to so it puts a little extra tension in the right direction. When a train comes the wrong way it should be able to push the track away.

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